Horse Radish Infused Vodka

Horse Radish Infused VodkaHorse Radish Infused Vodka

We had dinner at the Ukrainian East Village Restaurant on 2nd Avenue.  As usual the food, service and Ukrainian beer were great. I saw something on the menu I’d never noticed before – Horse Radish Infused Vodka. Served chilled and straight in a shot glass with a pickle garnish, it was cold and crisp and just a great opener for the meal we had. If you want to try this and can’t get to the East Village, you’re going to need fresh horse radish root. 

Horse Radish Infused Vodka

Just two simple ingredients – vodka and fresh horse radish.

Using the largest holes on a box grater, grate enough horse radish to fill 1/4 cup.Horse Radish Infused Vodka

Horse Radish Infused Vodka

Add the grated horse radish to a liter of vodka and store for 48 hours. Taste it and if it isn’t strong enough give it another 24 hours. Strain out the horse radish and serve very cold.

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