Gallery IV

The Margherita Pizza’s namesake – Margherita of Savoy, Queen of Italy

Italian Cheese


Coffee and a donut


Prickly Pears


Making Tomato Paste


Dairy Queen


In New York they’re hero sandwiches and in other parts of the country they’re submarines.



People actually ate like this in the 1950s.


by the Maestro of Acquavella


A potato and egg frittata or in Siciliano, a frocia.


Spatchcocked Turkey
Spatchcocked Turkey


Tiepolo – Punchinellos at Fruit and Vegetable Stall
Tiepolo – Punchinellos at Fruit and Vegetable Stall


Mercado Campo de Ourique


An interesting presentation


well-done = extreme quality loss


Minton Lobster Dish


A Fish Market in Venice


Basilicata Peppers


A dirty trick


St. Rufina – studio of Francisco de Zurbarán


A butcher shop on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx


Denominazione d’ Origine Protetta – protected designation of origin


a double espresso


Still Life with Golden Bream (1808–12), Francisco de Goya.


Soviet Cookbook


Superman Ice Cream


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