Pompeii Food Stand

The ruins of Pompeii with Vesuvius in the background.

New discoveries are still being made at Pompeii. There was an article in Colossal about a Pompeii food stand that was recently uncovered.POMPEII FOOD STAND

Archaeologists Have Uncovered an Impeccably Preserved Food Stand in Pompeii


“Mallard to go, anyone? Archaeologists have unearthed an ancient thermopolium—aka the Roman equivalent of a street food vendor—at the Regio V site in Pompeii. The well-preserved stand is decorated with multiple frescoes featuring a nereid (nymphs of Greek mythology) riding a sea horse, tall jars with two-handles that commonly were used for storage, and some of the formerly available fare, like mallards and chickens. A rendering of a muscular dog adorns another side of the stand with the insult, “Nicia cineadecacator,” scribed nearby. Various food-based remnants were found, as well, including duck bones, fava beans, wine, and a paella-style dish of pork, goat, bird, fish, and snail, alongside cooking dishes, flasks, and storage vessels.”

For the full article click here. POMPEII FOOD STAND


I was in Pompeii last year. This is a picture I took of a wine shop.

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