Creme De Violette

Creme de Violette

Creme de Violette hasn’t been available in America for decades. My father used to complain that he couldn’t get it for his Pousse Caffe recipe. Well, it’s back and quite a few brands are being imported into the US.  

Creme de Violette

Creme de Violette is an essential ingredient for an Aviation. A cocktail invented in 1916 in New York that gets the name from its cloud-like color.

Creme de ViolettePut all of the ingredients into a shaker filled with ice. Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.


Creme de Violette Pousse Caffe

Creme de Violette

 Starting from the bottom up – 

Slowly and carefully pour each ingredient down the side of a narrow glass.

Creme de Violette

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2 thoughts on “Creme De Violette”

  1. Was always fascinated by your Dad, Uncle Fran, and how he’d layer each different liquer on top of one another to make Pousse Caffe, without them bleeding into each other.

    It was a treat to watch after our Sunday family dinners. Funny the things we remember. Fond memories!!!

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