Swizzle Stick Cocktails

Swizzle Stick Cocktails


Originally from the Caribbean, swizzle sticks were used by bartenders to mix rum cocktails. It’s a stick made from the wood of a tropical tree called the Quararibea turbinate. Its branches naturally grow outward like the spokes on a wheel. You rub it quickly between your hands and it works something like a whisk.

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If you don’t have a swizzle stick, use a long handled bar spoon.

Classic Frozen Daiquiri

Three simple ingredients and one of them should be Cuban rum but…




Swizzle with shaved ice and pour into a cocktail glass.

Meyers’s Swizzle

This is one my father taught me.20161108_160522



Swizzle 1st 4 ingredients with shaved ice. Pour into a cocktail glass. Add more ice and Angostura. Serve with a short straw.

Simple syrup – 1 part water / 2 parts sugar  Mix in a small pot, heat and stir until it’s clear.


Improvise – serve in a tall glass topped with some club soda.

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