Pasta with Tuna – Two Ways

Pasta with Tuna – Two Ways

High quality imported tuna packed in olive oil works well with these sauces. Pick a brand that has no additional ingredients. Remember, this is seafood, so please, no cheese.

jar of tuna

Tuna Tomato Sauce

Tuna Tomato Sauce

Put the pasta water up to boil. Sauté the 1st 6 ingredients and then deglaze the pan with wine. Stir and add the tuna and tomatoes and simmer. Don’t overcook. Add the scallions to the sauce and when the pasta is almost done, add it to the sauce to finish cooking.

tuna tomato

Pasta Con Tonno e Piselli

Tuna peas ingredients

Sweat onion in oil. Add peas and 1 cup water, season with S&P. Simmer for 15 min and add 1 jar imported tuna (8oz). Add chopped parsley and serve with small pasta.

tuna and peas

Heading painting – Mattanza by Enzo Di Franco

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