Gelatin Molds and Aspic

Gelatin Molds and Aspic
Kiwi, carrots, olives and Cheez Whiz . . .
Gelatin Molds and Aspic
Aspic is savory and traditionally made with some kind of animal stock, like chicken, pork, or beef. Gelatin refers to sweet or non-savory dishes, like a Jell-O salad.  I came across this article in Gastro Obscura that goes into this subject in more detail with interesting and very unappetizing graphics. 


Gelatin Molds and Aspic

How America Embraced Aspics with Threatening Auras

– From futuristic test kitchens to Under-the-Sea Salad, midcentury Jell-O took a turn for the weird. –



“The lamb ribs lie in a precisely arranged herringbone pattern, surrounded by nubs of green beans, hard-boiled eggs, and capers, all entombed in a flavorless, wobbling mass. A two-tiered tower harbors swirling clouds of mayonnaise anchored by erect stalks of asparagus. An acid-green, lime-flavored mound holds a can’s worth of tuna speckled with pimento olives. Few foods today feel as anachronistic as the gelatin “salads” (a catch-all term for dishes sweet, savory, and everything in between) of midcentury America.”

Gelatin Molds and Aspic

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One thought on “Gelatin Molds and Aspic”

  1. Remember Head Cheese? Poor people’s food – made with the head of a pig, sheep or cow.
    Wasn’t made pretty with olives, kiwi – just slices of cheek, tongue, and whatever wasn’t bone.
    Just think of serving this to kids now …

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