Le Fond

Chef  and Owner Jake Eberle

Le Fond

From Le Fond’s website – “Colloquially, cooks refer to the browned bits that form at the bottom of the roasting pan as the ‘fond.’ Cooks deglaze the pan with wine and scrape up those bits with a wooden spoon. This is where deep, complex flavor is generated and that is why the wooden spoon is the symbol of Le Fond restaurant.”


Chef Eric Prokscha in the kitchen

We went to Le Fond for the first time last week and we’ll be sure to go again. It was hard to chose from their creative menu but we ended up with perfect selections. Octopus fennel soup for me and Bridget had pork belly with apples and greens for starters. We followed that with beef short ribs, and duck ragout with pappardelle. We shared an almond cake at dessert accompanied by coffee and madeira.

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