Pasta with Anchovies and Cherry Tomatoes

Pasta with Anchovies and Cherry Tomatoes


This is a quick one so start by putting about 4 quarts of water with 2 tablespoons of salt up to boil.


Heat the oil and add garlic. Simmer on low heat until very lightly browned. Add the dried red peppers* and anchovies. Stir until the anchovies are dissolved. Add the cherry tomatoes and salt and black pepper.

Simmer until the tomatoes release their juices and soften. It should be ready when pasta is done. Add some of the pasta water to adjust the consistency of the sauce.


*If you don’t have dried red peppers and don’t have time to make them, use some standard red pepper flakes.

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Scotch Cocktails

Scotch Cocktails


Save the top shelf Scotch like Johnny Walker Black for sipping on the rocks. Something like J&B is less pricey, still a good Scotch and perfect for cocktails. My father, who was a bartender when he was a young man always said that someone who orders a high end liquor in a cocktail is being pretentious because when it’s mixed they can’t tell the difference anyway.

The Churchill

The Churchill cocktail was created for Winston Churchill, a Scotch drinker.



Shake with ice, and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.


Rob Roy

Rob Roy was named after the Scottish folk hero. It’s pretty much a Scotch Manhattan.



Stir ingredients in a mixing glass and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.


A Rob Roy can also be served on the rocks.

Rusty Nail

A nice mix of a cordial made from Scotch and honey, and Scotch.



This one is served on the rocks so you can mix it right in the glass.



Scotch Hot Toddy



Mix Scotch and sugar in a cup. Add heated milk and stir. You might try this with a sprinkle of nutmeg.


Here’s one more that got it’s own post some time back –

atholl-brose2ATHOLL BROSE

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Cape May

Cape May


The Inn of Cape May

Cape May, New Jersey is a great place to visit any time of year. We especially like it in early autumn. The ocean is still warm so we can swim but it isn’t as crowded as in the summer months. We usually stay at the Inn of Cape May. It an 1892 Victorian-era luxury hotel built in the days long before air-conditioning, people went to the shore back then for the ocean breezes. The rooms are nice. They’ve been modernized to some extent (bathrooms and electricity have been installed) but the old wooden floors still creak – a nice touch. There are balconies and verandas lined with rocking chairs throughout.


Cape May is known for having lots of excellent restaurants and one of the best is right in our hotel. Aleathea’s -great food, convenient and the bar serves drinks on the pet friendly veranda.doc3a



Despite its cutsie name, That’s Amore is a very good Italian restaurant. Their wine list is a bit limited but they encourage bringing your own.i-thats-amore

What they call “Sunday Gravy” at That’s Amore.

Another excellent dining spot in the Merion Inn. Not far from where we stay, we eat there at least once every trip. It’s the oldest and the most beautiful bar on the cape – 1885, and they serve classic & modern seafood dishes.


Some fried oysters and that’s Cody the bartender at the Merion Inn.

Aside from the white table cloth restaurants that I mentioned, there are lots of pubs, cafes and family restaurants.


From the raw bar at Delaney’s Irish Pub and a basket of shrimp at Zoe’s.

Near the Inn of Cape May is another historic hotel – Congress Hall. Here’s one of their original menus. Imagine kidneys and clam fritters for breakfast.


Seafood is a specialty throughout Cape May. It’s on the Atlantic Ocean and the Delaware Bay and home to a large commercial fishing fleet.20160925_105414

Cape May is known for its Victorian houses or Painted Ladies. They’re well-kept and painted in every color you can think of.



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Polpette – Meat Balls Napolitana Style

Polpette – Meat Balls Napolitana Style

My mother always got her meat balls to a uniform size just using her hands. I cheat, using an ice cream scoop.





If you’re using dried currants instead of raisins, soak them in some warm water for about 15 minutes. Trim the crust from the bread and break it into pieces. Put it in a bowl and add enough milk to soak it.2-meat-balls

After the bread absorbs the milk and softens, squeeze it to remove the excess milk. Drain the currants if you’re using them. Put the bread, beef, garlic, egg, parsley, cheese and raisins or currants, pinoles and salt and pepper in a large bowl. Mix it thoroughly with your hands. 3-meat-balls

Shape the meat balls and fry them in oil a heavy pan. Turn them gently to brown all sides. Remove them from the pan and drain them on paper towels.


You can eat them just like this. We always did when my mother was frying them until she threw us out of the kitchen. More traditionally, serve them with tomato sauce. A simple marinara sauce would be good. I would deglaze the meat ball pan with a little red wine and add it to the sauce. You can either just spoon some of the sauce over the meat balls or simmer them in the sauce for 5 or 10 minutes.20160919_191449

A Classic Meat Ball Sandwich

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